College degree jobs

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College degree jobs

There are several factors you should take into consideration when you choose the college degrees you want to obtain. First of all there are some  jobs that offer you better financial rewards and more challenging jobs compared to others. Not all degrees are equal.


College degree jobs

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You should take the risk of unemployment into account when you plan to obtain certain college degree jobs. You should choose a field of activity that has not been affected by the economic crisis and offers many career opportunities.

The unemployment rate among college degree jobs is in Architecture, 13 % due to the collapse of the construction and home building industry. Unemployment rates are higher in Arts , Humanities and Liberal Arts and Social Science as well as Law and Public Policy.

Unemployment in majors related to computer and mathematics are lower. Among the  jobs that pay off there are computer science, health, information technology and accounting Among the best jobs there are included information systems, education, healthcare, business and professional service .

Unemployment rates are low for  degree jobs in health care and education, about 5 % . Graduates of Psychology and social work have low unemployment rates. Among the best college degree jobs there are life and physical sciences with a 7 % unemployment rate.


Choice of Field


Travel and tourism are among the fast growing jobs will good salaries and many career opportunities for fresh graduates.

Engineering is a good career to choose with a 7 .5 % rate of unemployment, except of civil and mechanical engineers that have been affected by the crisis.

Journalism is among the best  jobs because there is a constant need of press releases, articles and news articles as the population puts an emphasis on being informed of the latest innovations and news.

Engineers earn a median annual salary of $ 55,000 while Artists, psychologists and social workers earn a median annual salary of $ 30,000. Computer engineers earn around $ 60,000 and finance and business workers earn a median annual salary of $ 55,000.


Better Jobs


You should invest in a degree if you want to obtain best  jobs. You should take care to choose a major that fits your interests, needs and preferences and offers you financial satisfaction. You should base your choice on the unemployment rates for various fields of activity , median annual salary and the skills you possess if you want to land on high paying  jobs.



For many jobs, it is not enough to have a high school degree. More and more employers require a bachelor degree for most jobs so you will have more job opportunities if you have a college degree. You can order a college degree at an affordable price from us and you will get many job opportunities.  You will have a prosperous future and you will earn more compared to the ones that have only a high school degree.

We are here to help you select a college degree that fits your skills and interests and we assure you that you will get a promotion at the workplace or obtain a better job. If you are planning to select a new career you should carefully choose a college degree from us that fits your skills and knowledge and this will be the first step towards having success in finding  jobs. Many  jobs are waiting for you, make an investment in your future and gain the job of your dreams.