2 year degree careers

Social science studies the society and the behavior of humans.

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With a degree in social science you can get a job in :

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2 year degree careers

The common perception is that a traditional university degree is the only path to have a prosperous future. However, this is not necessary true. Some fields of activity require a four-year degree, but there are some careers that offers great financial benefits. You should choose an associate’s degree if you do not have the time and money to spend on a four year degree at a traditional university

2 year degree careers

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Executive pastry chef

Course duration for executive pastry chef is also around 2 years. The median pay is $ 45,000 a year and you will have an interesting career. The executive pastry chief works on exotic resorts, cruise ships and luxury hotels and fine restaurants  in order to create delicious and nice baked goods . The executive pasty chief takes the training at a community college, technical school or culinary school, obtaining a two year degree.


Master Plumber

Course duration for Master Plumber is also around 2 years and the median annual pay is $ 60,000. Plumbers are in demand and the demand for this job is in constant growth. You can work on your own or for large companies and you will install and repair water, waste disposal, drainage and gas systems. It is one of the most demanding jobs and if you have the necessary skills you can have a successful career.

Radiation therapy


Course duration for Radiation therapy is also around 2 years that have a median pay of $ 77,000. As all the healthcare jobs, there is a high demand of radiation therapist and there are many job opportunities available. You will operate machines that help oncology specialists diagnose and treat cancer. You will work in hospitals and cancer treatment centers and you will contribute to the improvement of the patients’ health. Radiation therapist is one of the best 2 year degree careers and you will get knowledge about human anatomy, physiology, psychics, research methodology and radiation treatment.

Registered Nurse

Course duration for Registered Nurse is also around 2 years and the median pay is $ 70,000. Generally, two years are enough to become a registered nurse , but there are cases when it is required advanced training and specialization to be able to perform. You will be responsible for supporting the basic values , right and beliefs of medicine in order to treat and prevent illnesses. It is predicted that the demand of registered nurses will grow in the future and it is a good idea to become a nurse if you are passionate about medicine but you do not want to spend a lot of time learning in order to become a doctor.

Metal Sheet worker

Course duration for Metal Sheet worker is also around 2 years. The median annual salary is $ 63,000. You will install and maintain products made of metal sheets, heating and air conditioning duct systems, roofs, restaurant equipment, downspouts, railroad cars and precision equipment.

You will handle the construction and mass production of sheet metal products related to manufacturing.

You should have a passion for mathematics and you should have a good physical condition and good hand eye coordination. You should be aware that the profession is associated with injury and you should get involved in a training program before you will be able to start working.

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