Best jobs bachelor degrees

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Best jobs bachelor degrees

Obtaining a bachelor degree is an investment in yourself. Some bachelor degrees have better return on investment compared to others. It is important to choose a degree that offers degrees, in terms of financial rewards and interesting jobs.

Best jobs bachelor degrees

Best jobs bachelor degrees

Marketing Researcher

As a Marketing Researcher you will earn a median salary of $ 107,000 per year and you will get a great return on investment. You will get your money back fast and you will have a prosperous future in the changing economy we live nowadays.


As a economists, you will earn a median annual salary of $ 92,000. You will get a fast return on investment and you will have financial rewards that will offer you a decent living.


Civil Engineers


Civil engineers require a bachelor degree and you will earn about $ 80,000 yearly. You will obtain a good return on investment and you will make good money. There is a constant demand of civil engineers in the world, due to the modernization process.


Political Science


Political Science requires you obtain a degree and and you will earn a median annual salary of $ 102,000.

The bachelor degree in marketing and communication is in hot demand and has an Annual Salary of $100000. You will learn to apply the principles of psychology, sociology and statistics in order to predict trends.

You will send the right messages to the target audience and you will be able to have a career in marketing, advertising and public relations. The employment in public relations is expected to grow 24 % through 2018.


Numeracy skills

If you have numeracy skills you will get prepared for a career as a financial consultant or in financial institutions if you pursue a bachelor degree in finance. Employment of financial analysts is expected to grow by 20 % until 2018 so finance is among the

If you are interested in computers and new gadgets and you want to be up to date with the changing technology you should obtain a bachelor degree in information technology and you will have the opportunity to get a well paid job.

You will handle the hardware and software of computers and you can be a computer network administrator or database administrator.

Some other Bachelor Degree Jobs

The employment is projected to grow by 30 % through 2018 so you should take into consideration jobs in information technology as best jobs bachelor degrees.

If you are good at working with spreadsheets and numbers and you want to succeed with the tax and financial regulations then a career in accounting is the right choice for you.

You can focus on tax, auditing and cost accounting and you can get prepared for a career in accounting or audit. There is an estimation that auditors and accountants will see a 22 % job growth through 2018.



If you have a bachelor degree in Computer Science and you possess the necessary skills you will have a prosperous career in software engineering or computer programming.

If you are good at algorithms, coding and operating systems you are the right person for a job in computer programming. There is projected a growth of 21 % in this field of activity through 2018.

is criminal justice. You can become a probation officer or correctional treatment specialist and you will handle law enforcement. If you have a passion for law and regulations then you are fit for a career in criminal justice.